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NJ Off-Shore Wind Advocates Urge Obama Administration To Keep Moving Forward on Wind

Offshore wind for New Jersey is closer to reality than it’s ever been before, and the Obama Administration is largely to thank, said environmentalists, public health advocates, and faith leaders today. The groups joined together on a national letter to President Obama and his officials, with more than 275 organizations and more than 40 from New Jersey, urging them to continue their leadership in developing wind power off the Atlantic Coast, including the Jersey Shore.

News Release | Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center

Clean and Green Forum Puts Focus on Capital City in Debate on PennEast Pipeline, Fracking and the Green Job Economy

A week after PennEast officially applied to FERC to build a massive gas pipeline through Central Jersey, the League of Women Voters of New Jersey, the Citizens Campaign and Environment New Jersey organized an educational forum in Trenton to discuss the potential impact of the PennEast Pipeline and fracking in the Delaware River watershed on Trenton’s drinking water, as well as the economic benefits of long-term green jobs.

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Commuters & Advocates Protest NJ Transit Fare Increases, Warn of Future Fare Hikes Because of Tranit Funding Crisis

As NJ Transit prepares to hike fares on its rail and bus lines by 9 percent this Thursday, commuters and advocates challenged Gov. Christie and the Legislature to act to prevent further fare hikes and additional service cuts. The October 1 fare hikes follow service cuts rolled out through September. NJ Transit approved the hikes and cuts in July after the Legislature and Gov. Christie failed to adequately support NJ Transit in the 2016 budget.

News Release | Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

Tired of Waiting, Feds Move Forward On Off-Shore Wind Leases Off the Jersey Shore

The Department of Interior announced this morning the final notice of sale of leases for close to 344,000 acres off the Jersey Shore for off-shore wind development. The competitive lease sale has been scheduled a month and a half from now on Monday, November 9, and 13 companies have qualified to bid on the two leases for sale. The announcement comes after last summer’s proposed notice of sale and an extensive public comment period and five years after the signing by Gov. Christie of the Off-Shore Wind Economic Development Act.

News Release | Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

Gov. Christie Attempts To Duck EPA Clean Power Plan, but Can't Ignore Climate Change

The Christie Administration's decision to request a stay from the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to rein in carbon pollution was criticized by Environment New Jersey. The group argued New Jersey is on the front lines of climate change and needs to be a leader, not a laggard, and that EPA’s Clean Power Plan is a sensible step to rein in carbon pollution from our power plants.