We extended critical wind power incentives.

As fiscal cliff negotiations stalled toward the end of 2013, crucial federal incentives for clean, renewable wind power were in danger of being eliminated. Environment New Jersey called on Congress to extend these incentives. In the 11th hour, we succeeded. President Obama and congressional leaders agreed to extend these critical incentives, ensuring the continued growth of wind power in New Jersey.


We secured monumental clean car standards.

On July 29th, 2011, President Obama announced the outline of new clean car standards covering cars and light trucks through 2025. The new standards will require new cars to achieve a fleet average of 54.5 miles per galllon. Thousands of our members helped seal the deal by emailing the White House and attending EPA hearings in support of the standards.


We're keeping New Jersey safe from fracking waste.

When drilling companies tried to dump fracking waste into our waterways, including some of the 1.2 billion gallons of benzene-laden, heavy metal-ridden, highly toxic and even radioactive wastewater from Pennsylvania, we jumped into action to make sure this toxic water wouldn’t end up in our rivers. We won a ban on fracking waste in the Legislature but came just short of passing the bill when the governor vetoed it. With your help, we’ll keep up the fight to protect our rivers and streams from dangerous fracking waste.


You’re building support to save the bees.

Millions of bees are dying off, with alarming consequences for our environment and our food supply. In 2015, we mobilized grassroots support for protecting these vital pollinators. Thanks to your support, our national team and a coalition of beekeepers, farmers and others delivered more than 4 million petitions calling on the Obama administration to declare a ban on neonicotinoids, a class of bee-killing pesticides.


We Pressured the Obama Administration To Drop Atlantic Coast Drilling Plan

Working together with activists, elected leaders, small businesses and allies, we successfully beat back a plan from the Obama Administration to drill off the Atlantic Coast for oil and gas this March. The drilling plan would have allowed drilling 90 miles from Cape May, endangered the Jersey Shore and tarnished the President’s climate legacy.

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