The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act just passed by Congress provides $2.5 billion in funding specifically for zero-emission electric school buses.

Congress is providing more funding for infrastructure to help keep our waters clean.

Newly passed legislation spotlights the unsung heroes of renewable energy

More than 250 community leaders joined the movement to protect our oceans by signing up to become “Voices for Our Oceans.”

We’re on the brink of the largest-ever federal investment in clean energy.  

In order to address climate change, the shipping industry must dramatically reduce global warming emissions by electrifying their trucking fleets.

New Jersey waterways and preserved lands are safer, thanks to the withdrawal of plans to build a 116-mile gas pipeline.

Fewer than 6,000 gray wolves remain in the contiguous United States, but last year the Trump administration stripped the species of its endangered species protections. Now states are free to enact laws that allow the killing of up to 90% of their gray wolf population. 

President Biden delivers a major conservation win, a thrill to all who worked on this

After 10 long days in a chrysalis, monarch butterflies break free, ready to spread their wings and take their first triumphant flight. But the world they fly into is increasingly toxic and unwelcoming.