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Fracking by the Numbers: New Environment New Jersey Report First To Quantify Threat of Gas Drilling, Shows Fracking Waste Increasing in Neighboring States

Today, Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center released a new report called Fracking by the Numbers that measures the damage being done by dirty drilling across the country, and strengthened the urgency to keep fracking waste out of New Jersey.  As neighboring Pennsylvania hit a record high of producing fracking waste, and as the Pinelands Commission considers approving a gas pipeline through the most pristine area of the state, the report is the first study of its kind to measure the footprint of fracking damage to date— including toxic wastewater, water use, chemical use, air pollution, land damage and global warming emissions.

News Release | Environment New Jersey

Solar Rising: Report Ranks New Jersey Fourth in the Nation in Solar Power

Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center released Lighting the Way: What We Can Learn from America’s Top 12 Solar States, a new report highlighting a solar energy boom across the country. The report ranks New Jersey 4rd in the nation per capita for solar installations. Although this makes New Jersey one of a dozen states that have led the nation in solar energy with supportive policies, we have slipped from first in the country. Last year, solar capacity in New Jersey grew by 43%, bringing it to a total of 971 Megawatts.

News Release | Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

Report Reveals NJ’s Top 5 Most Carbon Polluting Power Plants

Even as New Jersey works to cut carbon pollution and transition to clean energy, power plants remain the single largest source of carbon pollution across the nation. The report, titled, America’s Dirtiest Power Plants, comes as the Obama administration readies a new set of rules to tackle global warming. It illustrates the scale of carbon pollution from New Jersey’s power sector and ranks New Jersey’s biggest carbon polluters, and shows that New Jersey’s power plants emit as much as carbon pollution as 3.7 million cars.

News Release | Environment New Jersey

President Obama’s Climate Plan a Clear Win for New Jersey

President Obama announced a climate plan that will set limits on carbon pollution from power plants, advance energy efficiency and increase the nation’s commitment to renewable energy. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, a dizzying stretch of extreme weather events, and continued temperature records, the president’s plan to address global warming was loudly applauded by Environment New Jersey and many others.

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In Sandy’s Wake, Sen. Menendez Publicly Calls On President to Cut Carbon Pollution from Power Plants

Trenton, NJ — U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez sent a letter to President Obama today, describing the devastation that Hurricane Sandy caused in New Jersey, to urge him to set limits on carbon pollution from power plants. Scientists have warned that global warming is helping to intensify extreme weather events, and power plants are the largest source of the carbon pollution that’s fueling global warming. The letter, which was also signed by senators from Connecticut and New York, was loudly applauded by Environment New Jersey and others.