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Bridgegate in the Pines, Part Deux: Gov. Christie Fires Pinelands Commissioner Chairman Lohbauer

Today, New Jersey Pinelands Commission Chairman Mark Lohbauer was replaced as Chairman by Gov. Christie’s Administration in a clear case of political retribution for the now former Chairman's willingness to cross the Christie Administration by supporting protection for the Pinelands, including efforts to block a 22-mile gas pipeline from bisecting the National Reserve. The new Chairman of the Pinelands Commission was announced as Sean Earlen.

News Release | Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center

Environmental Groups Sue over Approval of South Jersey Gas Pinelands Pipeline

The New Jersey Sierra Club and Environment New Jersey are suing the Pinelands Commission and the Board of Public Utilities on their approval of the South Jersey Gas pipeline in the Pinelands. Despite previous determination that the pipeline does not fit the needs of the Pinelands, the Commission’s Executive Director unilaterally determined the pipeline was consistent with the Comprehensive Management Plan. This decision circumvented a public hearing and further vote by the Pinelands Commission, which the groups contend violates the Pinelands Protection Act. The environmental groups are hoping to overturn these determinations in the New Jersey Superior Court.

News Release | Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center

Report Shows New Jersey #1 in Off-Shore Wind Potential & Poised To Benefit Most from Federal Tax Credit Extension

New Jersey may have lost the race to build the first off-shore wind facility in the nation, but the potential for off-shore wind power production is still highest off the Jersey Shore, according to Turning to the Wind, a new Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center report. The report also shows that carbon pollution equal to 1.1 million cars could be eliminated by 2020 with a rapid expansion in wind power off the Jersey Shore.

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NJ Assembly Votes to Override Gov. Christie on RGGI Rules

The New Jersey Assembly voted to override the Christie Administration on global warming 46-32, on a virtual party line vote, moving one step closer to stopping Gov. Christie’s attempts to remove New Jersey from the rules governing the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a popular program designed to clean up pollution from fossil fuel power plants. The State Assembly will get another opportunity to reaffirm the vote in the new legislative session after a 30-day period where DEP can review the regulatory proposal. The legislation, ACR189, includes co-prime sponsors Asm. John McKeon (D-27) and Asm. Joe Lagana (D-38).

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Clean water wins as Congress rejects budget rider

Due to overwhelming public support, the Clean Water Rule has now withstood every attack that polluters could muster in Congress - the Barrasso bill, the CRA measure, and now an attempted budget rider.  Polluters and their allies have played all their dirty water cards in Congress and lost.