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Electric Ticket To Ride: NJ Legislators Ride Electric School Bus at NJ State House on Day Senate Pass $45 Million in Funding for Electric School Buses

The NJ State Senate passed the electric school bus bill with a 23-15 vote, which will require NJDEP to implement a three-year program with $45 million of funding. Advocates celebrated the impending bill passage by traveling on an electric school bus tour through Trenton with bill sponsors.

News Release | Environment New Jersey

Testimony In Opposition to Liberty State Park Privatization Act (S2807) to the Senate Environment Committee

We see this legislation (S2807) as a dangerous attempt to privatize sections of Liberty State Park, lands held in the public trust for open space, recreation, and conservation.  Liberty State Park is literally an urban green oasis and there has been extensive NJDEP stakeholder process to expand active recreational opportunities in the park. In its current form, we are proud to join the Friends of Liberty State Park to strongly oppose this bill.

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Statement: EPA advises stronger limits on levels of toxic PFAS chemicals to protect Americans’ health

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled on Wednesday new health advisories for four of the most common toxic PFAS chemicals that pollute drinking water nationwide. These official EPA actions “provide technical information to drinking water system operators, as well as federal, state, Tribal, and local officials, on the health effects, analytical methods, and treatment technologies associated with drinking water contaminants.” In addition, the EPA announced the first round of funding to help clean up these so-called “forever chemicals” in public water systems. However, the EPA does not have the authority to enforce any PFAS standard associated with the health advisory.

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Statement: US House votes to protect America’s wildlife

The U.S. House passed a bipartisan bill on Tuesday that would provide funding to all 50 states, territories and the District of Columbia to protect more than 12,000 at-risk fish and wildlife species.

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Statement: Rhode Island one step closer to 100% renewable energy commitment

The Rhode Island House of Representatives approved legislation Tuesday that requires electric suppliers to procure 100% renewable electricity by 2033.