News Release | Environment New Jersey

Testimony to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority In Opposition to the Turnpike Extension Expansion

Environment New Jersey was one of the lead organizations to submit a rule-making petition to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (as well as the NJ Department of Transportation), on behalf of EmpowerNJ and the 135 plus organizations they represent documenting the lack of action to reduce climate pollutants per Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 274 through our transportation sector and the fool’s gold proposition of attempting to fix the Jersey City/Turnpike Extension bottleneck by expanding the lanes of the Turnpike Extension.

News Release | Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

New report outlines how electric school buses could speed New Jersey’s transition to clean electric grid

Most of the nation’s nearly half a million school buses run on diesel fuel, producing harmful emissions that children are forced to breathe. With the support of the World Resources Institute’s Electric School Bus Initiative, Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center and Frontier Group are releasing a new report examining how the transition to electric school buses, in addition to keeping diesel exhaust out of developing lungs, could help speed up the expansion of clean energy by providing a critical source of reliable battery storage.

News Release | Environment America

Statement: The Home Depot shareholders take first step to protect forests

Sixty-five percent of The Home Depot shareholders voted on Thursday to take a first step toward reducing the hardware giant's forest footprint. The proposal that passed directs the company to produce a report disclosing the company’s current impact on primary forests. The proposal also asks The Home Depot to determine steps it can take to eliminate both deforestation and degradation of primary forests from its supply chains. This action comes a month after The Home Depot’s chief rival, Lowe’s, voluntarily committed to undertaking similar measures. 

News Release | Environment America

Statement: Kroger commits to comprehensive climate action plan

In response to a shareholder proposal filed by Green Century Capital Management°, Environment America and PIRG’s affiliated socially responsible mutual fund company, the grocery retailer Kroger* has committed to setting science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its full value chain, including its operations and its supply chains.