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Statement: Assembly Transportation Committee Advances Bill to Help Fund Transition to Electric School Buses

The Assembly Transportation Committee advanced a bill that will require the NJEDA to create a loan program to help school districts transition to electric school buses.

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Statement: Infrastructure bill will mean cleaner air, water and energy for U.S.

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. House of Representatives voted 228-206 to build a bridge to a brighter future by passing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on Friday. This major bipartisan package will improve our transportation and power infrastructure and ensure clean water and broadband access across the United States over the coming decades.

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As Election Day Approaches, Environment New Jersey Endorses Gov. Phil Murphy For Re-Election

Environment New Jersey, on behalf of their more than 20,000 dues-paying citizen members, released its full support for the re-election of Governor Phil Murphy. The choice is clear for voters who care about environmental protection at the top of the ticket in the gubernatorial race. Environment New Jersey will be reaching out to the public, all of our more than 20,000 dues-paying members and more than 60,000 supporters to encourage voters to support Gov. Phil Murphy for a second term in New Jersey’s gubernatorial race.

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Environment New Jersey Releases Full Slate of Legislative & Mayoral Endorsements

 Environment New Jersey today released its full slate of endorsements for the state legislative and mayoral elections and the gubernatorial race, as it prepares to launch a get out the vote and voter education push state-wide and in key legislative races leading up to Election Day on Tuesday, November 2.