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News Release | Environment New Jersey

The New Jersey Assembly passed A1978 by a broad majority of 48-24-7 which will be the strongest single-use plastics ban in the nation by banning single-use plastics bags and polystyrene, restricts straws to on demand only and phase out paper bags at larger grocery stores. The State Senate concurred with the Assembly's version of the bill with a vote of 26-12. The bill now goes to the desk of Gov. Murphy and he has 45 days to act on the legislation. The legislation, if signed into law, will go into effect in early spring 2022. 

News Release | Environment New Jersey

A coalition of environmental groups publicly called today on Assembly members to support the passage of A1978/S864, scheduled for a vote this Thursday, and heralded the legislation as the strongest in the country to reduce single-use plastics to clean up our communities and the environment. The legislation passed out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee last Thursday with a bipartisan 7-3-1 vote. The legislation, which go into effect in spring 2022, would ban single-use plastic bags, straws on demand, polystyrene foam, as well as phase out paper bags at large grocery stores. 

News Release | Environment New Jersey

Environment New Jersey, along with seven other organizations, submitted comments to the NJ Board of Public Utilities’ Office of Clean Energy on their FY21 budget proposal. The comments commended the preservation of the EV Rebate program in the NJBPU budget, but criticized the cuts of more than $78 million from energy efficiency over the last two budget years in the Office of Clean Energy budget.

News Release

A resolute dedication to democratic ideals coupled with the wisdom to recognize how and when to see the task through to completion: Advocates for all causes would do well to emulate the qualities that made Justice Ginsburg a truly historic figure. We offer our condolences to her children and grandchildren. The country she worked so hard to improve will miss her.

News Release | Environment New Jersey

Today, the New Jersey Senate Environment and Energy Committee took another step to boost electric vehicle adoption in the state, by advancing legislation that would make it easier for gas stations to install EV charging infrastructure. The bill (S938) passed the committee unanimously by a vote of 4 to 0, and now heads to be reviewed by the Senate Budget Committee. The bill would exempt gas stations from local approvals for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, if they meet three requirements regarding permitting, codes, and approval processes.


Coronavirus update

Our work to defend the environment can’t stop and won’t stop in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll keep advocating on your behalf — at a safe social distance — for clean air, clean water, clean energy, wildlife and open spaces, and a livable climate.